Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The umbrella statement.

This regular customer of mine, the Bald Spaniard, comes into the music department last night while I was talking to Manager Chuck and starts to chat with me, even though Chuck is mid-sentence and was in his cute, smiling, playful, talkative mode.

"Have you seen my umbrella before?" the Bald Spaniard asks me, holding his umbrella out for me to see. "One of my faggy friends gave it to me."

Chuck, at that, took off. I didn't see his facial expression or anything. Chuck just walks away.

Hoping I misunderstood him, I asked the Bald Spaniard, "One of your what?"

"Fagoli," the Spaniard said.

So I'm thinking I misunderstood him.

But then he said, "See, it's a rainbow!"

"Oh," I said.

And I walked away from the Bald Spaniard, not eager to talk to him about that or anything.

The last time he was in the store, the Bald Spaniard complained to Matt that he felt like he was the only Republican inside the Perimeter.

When Chuck came back, after the Bald Spaniard was gone, I asked Chuck if he'd heard the same "inappropriate thing" that I had.

Chuck said he thought so, that I wasn't crazy.

I can't believe The Bald Spaniard would do that. Or that anyone would say that to me.

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