Wednesday, November 24, 2004

This weekend, I will ...

* Begin a short story to present to my friends for review.
* Make the "sweet potato souffle" from my mother's recipe for the meal at Larry's I'm attending.
* Edit out the phone numbers I no longer call in my cell phone.
* Work at the bookstore late, and sleep in as much as possible.
* Try not to overspend or overshop.
* Read the children's sci-fi novel that I picked up over a week ago but still haven't gotten through the first chapter of, much to my embarrassment. (I also found out that Kacoon and Vic are reading it right now.)

* Listen to U2 over and over.

* I will not call him. I will not hook up with him. I will not go out looking for him or looking for trouble. He is not interested in me, and he's made that abundantly clear. I would do best to keep that basic assertion in the back of my mind at all times.
* I will try, as well, to read one short story by a notable author from a collection of stories that I already own. Either the Cheever or the Graham Greene.

* I will refill my Luvox prescription at the Wal-Mart pharmacy.
* I will not worry about how much work I have to do at my office, for I will recall that I stayed REALLY, REALLY LATE today to get stuff done.
* I will relax a little.

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