Saturday, October 30, 2010

Brand new life.

So, considering that I've moved houses and now live in Buckhead again and that I'm not really doing improv anymore and everything (including my waistline) seems to be reverting back to a quieter time, I figured that I should start blogging again - not because I want to embrace a quieter time but because I want to remind myself that I can do more than just stay quiet and resigned to it.

So even though my schedule now requires me to work on Saturday nights until god-awful hours that don't really allow me much free time to socialize, I am not failing. I am not gaining weight. Things are not going to revert back to the way I was. Life is cumulative. You are always changing. You can't go completely home again once you've learned some new way to behave, found some new people to see, figured out how to drink lots of whiskey that you didn't have the liver for before, etc.

This blog used to even be popular. I'm taking it on faith now that no one is going to read this, though, so that should provide me with a bit more freedom and leeway in my writing, at least until I think I've produced something good enough for other people to see.

And that probably won't happen until I get a new computer. My laptop at home has no memory on it anymore, so that limits the vlogging, the at-home Facebooking, the porn watching, the distractions.

Removing some of those things might even make me creative again. And that's where I most enjoy myself.