Monday, September 15, 2008

Downward-facing dog.

It's not that I'm at any sort of stopping point with my HOW TO WIN FRIENDS project. I've just joined a couple cults that have broadened my focus.

Today, I joined a yoga class at my office, and it hurt like holy hell. The instructor said that she'd try to find modified positions that would make me feel more comfortable, but I'm going to invest in some kneepads in the meantime.

Last week, I joined Weight Watchers because Jenipher's mom Jan - who likes me but whom Jenipher says is not allowed to like me better than her - was teaching the Monday night class near my house. Tonight, I went to my second meeting and got a sticker from Jan because I'd lost a significant amount of weight in my first week. Tonight's meeting was all about providing yourself with positive reinforcement.

I'm doing good things lately.