Thursday, April 12, 2007

Vonnegut's dead.

Why have I not read any Kurt Vonnegut? I own some.

This American Life.

I've developed a crush on Ira Glass, even though I realize I'm a latecomer to this specific party, but I'm now a subscriber to the THIS AMERICAN LIFE podcast on iTunes. The only time that I'd regularly listened to NPR prior to this was every other week in the waiting room of my therapist's office.

But, reading about the new television show on Showtime, I got this collection of THIS AMERICAN LIFE hits on CD, and I've very quickly fallen in love with Ira Glass and the format of his show, devoted to storytelling and the reading of essays. (Of course I would fall in love with such a show.)

I wish I could write like those people do, and I want to perform the way that they do.

I'm taking a week off in June - the week of my birthday, actually - to work on some projects that I've been batting around my head for a bit now. Last time I took a week off for vacation, I wrote a lot. (Granted, I went to London and had new inspiration everyday.)

But, with this vacation, I'm staying in town. And, hopefully, I'll be just as inspired to work.