Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The big cheese.

Larry just wrote me in reply to the blog essay, "The Velveeta Incident," which I called and told him to read.

I should not have sounded non-commital about the blog essay -- I really enjoyed it. You did do what you often accuse me of doing -- exaggeration -- it was not mostly goat cheese -- if you had read the menu you would have found 1 goat cheese, 3 cow cheeses and 1 sheep cheese :)

Here's to Velveeta!

The menu - for the record - had a history of all the cheeses featured in the seven-course meal, and it was printed on this designer, imprinted paper. It was very nice. I meant to save one and bring it home.

Poli Sci Guy asked me about the wine-and-cheese dinner last night at the store. I told him that he'd probably have thought that the most pretentious moments came when Larry performed one of his original music compositions after Duncan and one of the Davids read aloud sonnets from a book of gay love poems.

(OK, writing that down just now, it sounds way more hoity-toity than it actually seemed while it was happening.)

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