Friday, November 12, 2004

Often I'm waiting on the one that maybe won't come.

Three years after buying it, Sarah Harmer's YOU WERE HERE is still - I swear to God - the most relaxing, folk-and-guitar-infused, genuinely good and touching albums I've ever owned. The fact that you can barely find it in stores anymore is really, really sad, though you can find her second album from time to time.

You've probably never even heard of Sarah Harmer, but she's awesome. Several of these songs would play on the soundtrack of my life, were I ever to make one.

I love this album. Love love love it. If you are a fan of the Lilith Fair style of music, buy this. If you liked Sarah McLachlan's stuff in the late '90s, take a chance on Sarah Harmer. Really. If you like Indigo Girls. Nanci Griffith. Dido. Am I speaking to you yet?

I mean, look, you can get a used copy on Amazon for about three bucks. Take a chance. It's worth far, far more than that.

Go for it. Do as I say. Buy yourself this album. It will make you feel better. It will provide you with evocative mood music for when you're alone, maybe driving in your car. It even has a wedding song. And about five good songs about how to cope with a breakup.

My personal favorite song is "Weakened State," but yours may differ.

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