Friday, November 12, 2004

Found money.

It's been a really, really rough week for me financially. Seriously. My account was overdrawn sometime last week due to an error I made while checking my spending against my online balance, so I've barely been getting by all week.

It's been stressful enough to keep me from checking my mail, for it's usually all bills.

But last night, it was different.

A couple months ago, a woman hit my car. A couple weeks ago, my car spent two weeks in a body shop getting repaired, and, during that, the insurance company decided to total my car. But I wanted to keep my car, so I used the payoff from the insurance company to fund the repair, a situation that worked out after I stressed about it for about a week.

I forgot that they told me that whatever funds didn't go toward the repair would be sent to me.

So yesterday, there was a check in my mailbox from the insurance company.

It wasn't much. But it's enough to help me out. It was enough to cheer me up about the situation.

So I'm going into the weekend on the plus side of my bank account with a cleaner apartment, a job I like, a job I don't like, great friends and a decent-enough sex life. I feel like seeing a movie.

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