Thursday, June 09, 2005

What's the frequency, Jenipher?

Jenipher just wrote me the following diatribe about R.E.M. Does anyone else have this concern?

While I do feel a particular fondness for R.E.M. because of the Athens connection, they are still really creepy. I must admit that I LOVE “Automatic For the People,” like, the whole album, including “Everybody Hurts,” which I know you hate (personally, I hate “Losing My Religion”). But as I was just listening to that song whose only line I know goes, “Sorry! Sorry!” I realized that I don’t like them because I CAN’T SING THEIR SONGS. They play a lot of them on Sirius First Wave. Here is my synopsis of all the R.E.M. songs I know and the portion of the lyrics I know from those songs:

Song 1:

Don’t go back to Rockville
Waste another year.
At night I drink myself to sleep
Mumble mumble, what did he say? Mumble

Song 2:

That’s great it starts with an earthquake,
Birds and snakes and airplanes.
And Lenny Bruce is not Mumble
Mumble mumble, what did he say? Mumble
It’s the end of the world as we know it.
And I feel fine.

Song 3:

Driver 8, driver 8.

Song 4:

Mumble mumble, what did he say? Mumble
Listen to your finest worksong.
Aagh! Mumble.
Finest hour.

Song 5:

What’s the frequency, Kenneth?
Mumble it’s a dream.

Song 6:

I’ve got my spine
I’ve got my orange crush

Song 7:

Stand in the place where you live!

Song 8:

Shiny happy people holding hands!
(Shiny happy people holding hands!) arrrrrgh!

Song 9:

Radio free Europe.
Radio free Europe.

Song 10:

Fall on me.

Do you see a pattern? What is their deal, anyway?

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