Friday, June 10, 2005

Things to do if you don't have Music Midtown tickets.

- So Music Midtown and the new VIBE MusicFest hit the city this weekend, so there's an embarrassment of riches regarding things to do this week in Atlanta. Of course, Chris knows way more about Music Midtown than I do, and you can read his knowledge of it here. I don't have tickets, but, for those of you going, enjoy that fantastic lineup. All I know is that traffic will be really, really bad all over the city and that my friends who live near the Music Midtown stages have fled for less congested pastures.
- The Atlanta Film Festival actually occurs this week, too, and my friend from the Landmark clued me in to some good movies that are supposed to be playing as part of it. The film I'm most looking forward to is called THE DYING GAUL, which has the fantastic Peter Sarsgaard, Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott in it. (I've got this ridiculous schoolboy crush on Campbell Scott, and I've had one ever since I saw DYING YOUNG when I was a kid. Cool, from DYING YOUNG to DYING GAUL.) I've never been much of a fan of the Atlanta Film Fest before, even when they screened my college friend's locally-made vampire movie with Faye Dunaway. But I'm willing to participate if Campbell Scott's involved. Even the salt-and-pepper hair hasn't hurt him.
- Aimee Mann and Rufus Wainwright are playing at the Botanical Gardens later this week. Find someone who has tickets to either show, and sleep with them so they'll take you along to the concerts. Or you could just buy tickets. But my way gets you laid.
- HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE is opening at the Tara, which would excite the Diana Wynne Jones fan in Jenipher. But she lives in Chicago. Earlier this week, I admitted to a new friend that I don't "get" the films of Miyazaki, including SPIRITED AWAY (even though I tried to like it). He has yet to write me back, and I think that's probably why.
- THE HONEYMOONERS remake also opens in theaters this weekend, but I can't get past that casting. And, exactly, why in the hell would they remake something that classic and put Cedric the Entertainer in the Jackie Gleason role? And Mike Epps is no Art Carney. It's like making a movie of THE JEFFERSONS with Ashton Kutcher as Lionel. What's with this race reversal trend, anyway? I kinda understand it with GUESS WHO since they took the story from an entirely different angle, but why mess with THE HONEYMOONERS, which had nothing to do with race in the first place? This strikes me as a worse remake idea than that horrible-looking BEWITCHED movie.

- Dude, Doug's coming to town on Saturday, and we're going to see MR. AND MRS. SMITH. The plot's probably crap, but, you know what, I completely don't care. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie look fucking amazing, and I'm on this movie like it's crack dipped in chocolate. I can't even use complete sentences in regard to it, I'm so excited. Love love love love me some Angelina. And Brad's in boxer shorts. Can't wait.
- The Tonys were on Sunday, and they were mostly boring. Hugh Jackman wore a tux and danced and all, but, other than that, you didn't miss much. Still, the shows were good. DOUBT won best play. The music of THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA won a prize, and the songwriter was cute. Oh, and MONTY PYTHON'S SPAMALOT won best musical. It's more fun to actually read the play or hear the music from the show than it is to watch the Tonys - aside from all the same-sex kissing that goes on there.
- Do more laundry.
- Check last week's list.
- Clean your damn kitchen.
- Take out the damn garbage already.
- Clean out your car. Passersby think you live out of it.
- Anne Bancroft died, so I should probably get around to watching THE MIRACLE WORKER sometime.
- They've added 10 percent to my store discount this week, so I can finally get the new Coldplay album.
- Also, THE HISTORIAN, which I mentioned before as "DRACULA meets THE DAVINCI CODE," comes out on Tuesday. I think it's the next book that "everybody" is going to read. Be a trendsetter. Buy it first. Also available are Alexander McCall Smith's 44 SCOTLAND STREET, which is the mystery writer's take on the TALES OF THE CITY format, and the new Nick Hornby book, A LONG WAY DOWN.
- Finally, find a movie where some movie star plays a character who has the same job you do. Watch the movie, then compare and contrast how your job is portrayed and how well the movie star does your job with what your job is really like and how well you do it. Using myself as an example, I found that the Barnes & Noble bookseller that Kate Winslet plays in ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND is allowed to openly violate the corporate dress code and change her hair constantly. Beyond that, she really doesn't know how to properly hold that handheld computer monitor, the PDT, and she's kinda rude to customers. Plus, how's Kate able to afford memory-erasing procedures? Some booksellers I know barely make enough to buy candy bars. I'd get written up if I did my job her way. Kate, of course, got an Oscar nomination for it. Seriously, do a comparison. No self-respecting copy editor would behave at all the way Drew Barrymore does in NEVER BEEN KISSED. Trust me, I know.

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