Friday, June 24, 2005

Nightmares of Henny Penny. (See below.)

The following exchange just occurred between me and Jenipher:

RILEY: Have you seen the preview for CHICKEN LITTLE, complete with the dance number, yet?
JENIPHER: No ... I heard there was a CHICKEN LITTLE movie coming out, though ... I’m scared of Chicken Little and Henny Penny ... I don’t think I’ll see it.
RILEY: The ad looks really really funny. And, um, why would Chicken Little and Henny Penny scare you?
JENIPHER: They scared me when I was little ... I used to have recurring nightmares about a giant Henny Penny coming in my room ... it was from a read-along record I had.
RILEY: Um, I'm sitting here at my desk, laughing at you.
JENIPHER: I know ... it’s totally stupid. I can’t believe I never told you about it ... I even mentioned it in my college entrance essay.
RILEY: How did you manage to work your recurring nightmare about a giant Henny Penny into your college admissions essay? No, wait, that question deserves its own film.
JENIPHER: The subject was childhood fears. And, excuse me, but I was accepted at every school I applied to. UGA was the only one I could afford.

Later ...

JENIPHER: Arrrrrgh! Look what I just found on Ebay. This is the exact record I had. WHY are they selling it for $9.99? That’s a rip-off! Anyway, Henny Penny wore this pink sweater when she would come in my room at night. And she was huge…like, I had to jump over her to get out of the room. Then I would hide in our pink bathroom (the one with the Sears & Roebuck catalog print wallpaper). Believe me or not, I’m telling you she was there.

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