Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Notes from abroad.

Jenipher in Chicagoland writes:

Oh, I thought I would tell you that I finished watching all episodes of “Higher Ground.” It just kind of ended with some kind of prom episode that they called a MORP, since they wanted it to be opposite of a real prom (no drinking, no stress of dates, etc.)…no one knew what a MORP was until the dyslexic guy walked in and saw the MORP sign…he said, we’re having a prom? Cool. It was kind of funny, for Canadian humor.

I will miss “Higher Ground.” I guess they were anticipating a second season, but never got one.

Meanwhile, the once-missing Miss Gibson in the Dominican Republic writes:

Sorry I´ve been so quiet, but email is slightly more sporadic here etc. Have been following the blog when possible. you´ve taken to this puppet stuff, haven´t you?? anyway, i have one week left before i´m back in my office. can´t really face it. ugh. but the trip has been good, if somewhat exhausting. this is a crazy country, but quite likeable. anyway thanks for your thoughts. more emails soon. xx

And Lupo, en route from Tallahassee to Idaho and Wyoming, writes:

Got your resume. Looks good - I have a couple of suggestions and some ideas for
cover letters that frame your experience of the last few years (think
undercover spy, j/k....)

I'll share them with you when I get back and, if you still need it and are
still interested, help you out with posting it online. ONWARDS!

Birth and Sea Inside over the past few days. The first was an interesting
failure, and the other one was fantastic in my opinion.

Have a great few weeks....

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