Wednesday, June 08, 2005

How does this affect the price of beer in Romania?

The monthly scorecard, which governs the whole "how I'm doing" aspect of my job, came out today. I did as well as I did the previous month, though collectively that's not as well as they'd like for me to do or, arguably, as well as I can do.

I want to be at a 3.0. For the past two months, I've scored a 2.6. Cumulatively, though, I'm a 2.3.

Is it some sort of modern innovation that I'm able to talk about this stuff with any degree of understanding?

I don't even want to talk like this anymore. I don't want to know the formulaic breakdown of how each individual merit is weighed.

I'm judged so much by "performance numbers" that I feel like Nadia at the '76 Olympics. Except she was significantly better at her job. (And I'm not going to drink bleach like she did in that TV-movie they made about her.)

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