Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I, movie watcher.

Last night, I had an nice, interesting exchange at my store with this robotics specialist named Patrick. We discussed some robotics-infused, unmanned helicopters that he's helping design for the military through some university in Sweden and Georgia Tech.

I mentioned Isaac Asimov's Laws of Robotics to him, then mentioned the questionable ethics behind robots becoming too smart for our own good.

He and his team seemed actually impressed. Even after I mentioned that I adapted my philosophy on developing military technology from repeated viewings of THE TERMINATOR movies.

Patrick said they were actually going to use Asimov's rules to determine legitimate science as the technology evolves.

I said, "But all of Asimov's stories exist to show how Asimov's rules can be broken."

Before the group left, this hot, Italian aerospace engineer named Gianpablo told me he was originally from Turin. He talked to me about bluegrass music and The Police. He told me I ought to see Italy before I die.

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