Friday, July 11, 2003

My obsession.

I confess, I confess ...

You may have been able to tell from reading my previous posts about ALL MY CHILDREN, how I seem to be ranting and raving about the rape of beloved Bianca Montgomery.

A couple months ago, if you passed me on the street, you'd probably have caught me telling people that it's completely impossible for Victor Lord to have returned from the dead on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, for he died all the way back in 1976 when the multiple personalities of his sexually-abused daughter Viki and would now be about 100 years old. And it didn't make sense, and still doesn't, that Mitch Laurence was able to kidnap his own wife, pay for a surgery that involved cutting out her own heart for a transplant - and didn't get arrested and convicted for it when 75 witnesses saw him do it.

A couple years ago, even, you probably heard me talking all about RYAN'S HOPE and how the show has sucked, in reruns, since Kate Mulgrew and Ilene Kristen left it. When they finally killed off Mary Ryan, I was actually pleased, rather than upset, because the character's been annoying ever since Kate Mulgrew went off to star in MRS. COLUMBO.

Of course, I can't watch these shows during the day because I'm at work. And I couldn't have watched RYAN'S HOPE with any degree of comprehension because I was 2 when all that stuff happened with Kate Mulgrew.

But I'm a SOAPNET addict. Completely and totally.

I may as well have a long-lost twin, a severe case of amnesia and a spouse I've told no one about. I'm a SOAPNET fiend.

Now that they have started rerunning episodes of ANOTHER WORLD from 1987, I fear I'll develop a new obsession because, ahem, this is the first time that SOAPNET has started playing a daytime soap from around the time I actually started watching them. (Of course, I didn't start watching ANOTHER WORLD until 1988, when Amanda Cory and Sam Fowler's daughter Alli was born ... but that's beside the point. I'm clearly insane if I remember that, right?)

It's only going to get worse in September, too, because SOAPNET just made another announcement. They've acquired the rights to DALLAS and will start showing those, all 13 seasons in order. They'll probably even do a marathon of a week's episodes every weekend, like they do with AMC, OLTL and GENERAL HOSPITAL, which I wouldn't watch if it wasn't the only thing playing on the weekends.

I'm hooked. And it's such bad TV, most of the time. But I can't help it.

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