Monday, July 14, 2003

Emily Watson's forehead.

My friend Kacoon refuses to watch PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE, which is a great movie, because Emily Watson is in it. Kacoon says she can't get past Emily Watson's "monstrously large" forehead.

If I recommended a movie at all last year, she asked me, "Is Forehead Bitch in it?"

"Emily Watson's a good actress, Kacoon," I said.

"Whatever," she said. "I can't get past her damn gigantic forehead."

Strangely, Kacoon dragged me to two Emily Watson movies at the end of the year. She said that Emily Watson's forehead was the worst part of RED DRAGON.

And she took me to EQUILIBRIUM, not knowing that EQUILIBRIUM was an Emily Watson movie. Kacoon said that Christian Bale shirtless and doing gymkata more than makes up for having to look at Emily Watson's forehead. (I was the only one in my group who thought EQUILIBRIUM, despite good stuntwork, sucked.)

Kacoon thought it was Emily Watson's best film.

"She had bangs, so her forehead wasn't as scary," Kacoon concluded.

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