Friday, July 11, 2003

I told Jenipher this blog's duty is to make her famous.

And she replied:

I think I could be famous, if anyone even goes to that silly website, that is. Not I-have-meningitis-and-was-arrested-for-crimes-of-immorality-but-wrote-some-lovely-plays-before-all-of-that-mess kind of famous, but well known in my own kind of way.

That said, I'm not quite sure if I'd consider sodomy a crime of immorality at this point, for I know the Supreme Court of our own nation wouldn't dare say so after the decision last month, but I suppose that's beside the point of Jenipher becoming famous in her own way.

I mean, I've known this girl forever. She's smart. She's pretty. And, when we were teens, she had dreams involving Mindy Cohn, chase scenes, drugs and making out with Tim Daly.

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