Monday, December 13, 2004

Weekend redux.

* OCEAN'S TWELVE isn't really worth your time, even though the people in it, particularly Brad Pitt, look really pretty.
* Bargain week at my bookstore is dangerous to my bank account, especially when I've cut up my American Express card. But I should be OK.
* SANDMAN is an absolutely great comic book.

* I'm a writer who doesn't write. When I do write a story, it should be about a writer who doesn't write.
* The OK Cafe is a really, really good restaurant, and Susan and Richard, whom I saw there this weekend before sending them a thank-you card today, are very nice people. I mean, one of the appetizers there is a deep-fried, finger-food serving of jalapeno cheese grits. The restaurant has cheese grits you can hold in your hand. Complete ecstacy.
* Poli Sci Guy is going to finish writing his book before me and told me so.
* This website is hilarious. Check the review of SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS.
* The Atlanta Police shut down NAKED BOYS SINGING! at the Armory this weekend, saying that the place didn't have a permit for adult entertainment. The owners say it's just a play featuring nudity, that it's not pornographic. The whole thing upset my friend Larry. He wants us all to march upon City Hall and bomb churches and stuff. The situation bugs me, but I'm not going to kill anyone over it.

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