Friday, December 03, 2004

Life in mono.

My friend Christina, whom I've known since we were both 5, has apparently been stuck at home with mononucleosis for weeks, and none of us on the HIGH SCHOOL REUNION SHOW list-serv, which is still in existence, has had any idea.

Christina wanted me to write a new episode of the soap opera featuring her and my other high school classmates, particularly since the last episode had her getting into a vicious catfight with another girl over the man that I'm shacking up with on the show.

Though I haven't made Christina's REUNION SHOW dreams come true yet, I told her to come to the blog routinely for some entertainment, and I'm hoping we can use this new comment board thing as a way of passing her along some good wishes.

If you've ever had mono, as well, can you please post how you got over it or how you coped with it?

I've never had mono before, but I have been tired and horribly bored at several points in my life, so I think I can relate, except I went to a therapist for it - not a doctor.

Christina, whom I don't mention here very often, is one of the most upbeat, perpetually positive people. I don't honestly know how she does it, though she would likely attribute it to her faith.

Though I'm not religious myself, I mention that she has faith because that impresses me. I'm happy for anyone capable of having faith and hope in God. I can't do it.

Christina's always been completely cool with me, and I love her. And she knows I love her. And I know she knows I love her. So that's cool.

(It's getting late. Please pay no attention to the lack of flow.)