Thursday, December 02, 2004

Oh baby, baby ...

It is weird that, when Kacoon called me to announce her pregnancy this morning, the first thing I said after "Oh my God ... Oh my God ..." was, of all things, "We TOTALLY have an excuse to go SHOPPING!"

Then, before she could say anything, I said, "Oh my God, why was THAT the first thing I said after you told me this?"

And then I apologized, of course, for I apologize all the time.

Then I asked her how Mike reacted. And he was excited.

Then I asked how her mom reacted. And her mother, though concerned because Kacoon's first pregnancy was difficult, was excited, too.

They're supposed to tell Midget, who's 5, about it tonight, she said, and she guessed he'd be happy about it - for he's been asking for a baby to play with.

This is so cool.

Kacoon's gonna become Ma Coon.

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