Monday, December 06, 2004

How not to name a baby.

At one point on Saturday night, coming up with a boy's name for Mike and Kacoon's embryo, I started naming off author and character names off their sci-fi bookshelf.

Stephen Coon.
Neil Coon.
Robert Coon.
Jordan Coon.
J.K. Coon.
Harry Potter Coon.
Ron Weasley Coon.
Albus Dumbledore Coon.
Gandalf Coon.

It was, at that point, when I said quickly, "Sirius Black Coon," while rattling off names.

Then, hearing it aloud, I said, "Oh my God ..." and we all practically collapsed we were laughing so hard. Kacoon eventually patted her belly and said to it that it'd be better off born a girl.

"We'd not even make it out of the hospital alive," Mike said.