Friday, May 20, 2005

Things to do while everyone else sees STAR WARS.

- See OLDBOY and CRASH at the Landmark.
- Go to XPT: XPERIMENTAL PUPPETRY THEATER again at the Center for Puppetry Arts since Larry, Andy and the Davids are going. (And there were a considerable number of cute guys at the Wednesday show.) Oh wait, I'm working.
- See my college friend Mary Claire Dunn in WIZZER PIZZER at 7 Stages.
- Read over the two chapters of my "novel" again, then write another chapter. Then print enough copies for class on Monday.
- Do laundry.
- Do dishes.
- Clean house.
- Finish Season Three of GILMORE GIRLS.
- Try not to work too much at the bookstore.
- Sleep off seeing STAR WARS at midnight a couple nights ago.
- Watch KINSEY's double-disc because, apparently, the cast's sex questionnaire answers are a special feature - which means you get to find just how kinky Peter Sarsgaard really is.
- Rent TARNATION from Movies Worth Seeing.
- Try again to re-read THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE because that movie preview looks cool.
- Reconsider reading THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS. Teen girl lit is really fun to read.
- Try again to read JONATHAN STRANGE AND MR. NORRELL because Chris read it and said it was good. And Lynda at the Margaret Mitchell House said it was good. And Mike read it and said it was good. And David read it and said it was good. And Vickye read it and said it was good. And you've met the author and have an autographed copy of that book.
- Pretend to read that Diana Wynne Jones book that Jenipher bought four years ago, since she's been asking you about that HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE Miyazaki movie.
- Try to find a way to make the ending of my short story, which makes sense to me, work better for other readers before even considering to send it to McSweeney's.
- Buy a gift from Babies R Us for Kacoon's baby shower next week. Make a joke in the card about naming her baby "Sirius Black Coon."
- Find a way to see Vic, maybe an arranged meeting at a bookstore one morning.
- E-mail Miss Gibson again in the hope that she'll check her e-mail while she's in the Dominican Republic, researching her thesis. Mention Papa Doc in e-mail, even though he's Haitian.
- Watch ROBBIE WILLIAMS: LIVE AT THE ALBERT on DVD, based on Mike's suggestion that Robbie Williams has the proper amount of "swagger" to pull off a convincing swing performance.
- Find a way to watch the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational THE MUPPETS' WIZARD OF OZ, which comes on tonight when I'm working. (Lupo says he'll record it. Lupo's my favorite person on Earth.)

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