Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Chaos theory.

Last night, since the settings for my VCR haven't been changed since last week's awesome VERONICA MARS finale, I accidentally recorded UPN's new reality show BRITNEY & KEVIN: CHAOTIC. And, yes, after getting home from a visit to Miss Q's with Larry, I watched as much of it as I could stand.

I made it through three commercial breaks.

Britney usually garners a lot of sympathy from me, but the love affair between she and I officially ended last night. Dear God, she's filming the show herself, and that video camera is aimed up her damn nose all the time. All she talked about was sex and how single she was before she met Kevin Federline, the dumbest, redneck, low-rent, white-trash, no-account, no-brained, cute, badly-dressed, backward-ballcapped hanger-on I've ever seen shirtless-and-tattooed on a celebreality show.

Britney, you were single for, what, a year?! Please ... The marriage will, by all accounts, last five years before ending horribly. The two of them will then fade into further obscurity (beyond appearing on a UPN show that's not VERONICA MARS).

The show needs to stop. Clearly, someone forgot that being dumb, obnoxious twentysomethings in love is fantastic ... but watching other dumb, obnoxious twentysomethings in love is annoying.

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