Monday, May 30, 2005

Laundry and DVDs.

It's fun discovering that my mother has installed a Broadband connection at her house, particularly because she was still trying to figure out how not to overuse the caps lock key in her e-mail when I lived here.

I'm here doing laundry because I didn't want to invade my friend Larry's condo while he was composing an opera. While I was waiting for everything to dry, I started to watch this movie LEON on DVD. I'd never seen it before, even though I'd always heard good things about it and about the Natalie Portman performance it features. What I've seen thus far has been violent and fun.

Of course, I couldn't watch all of it. Mom would come in to remind me that I had underwear to fold everytime the movie started to get interesting.

At some point this week, I'll watch it at my apartment.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the washer and dryer. And the Broadband.

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