Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Live from the red carpet.

In 1967, while on her high school senior trip to New York, my mother went with her graduating class to a premiere screening of Jane Fonda's "Barefoot in the Park" at Radio City Music Hall, or at least she told me she did - and I don't have any reason not to believe her. She talked to me about how the Rockettes danced, what the theater was like, and I always thought that was a pretty cool memory, one that I wished I had.

I've known about the G-CAPP premiere for "Monster-in-Law" for a couple weeks now, and I'm going. Jennifer Lopez (I admit I'm a fan) and Marc Anthony will be there. Jane Fonda, of course, is an organizer, and she'll be there, though I already met her when I worked at CNN five years ago. Wanda Sykes is supposed to be there. The film's director Robert Luketic, who is WAY cute and completely gay, is an organizer. And, thankfully, Michael Vartan, one of the most beautiful men on Earth, will be there. (It'll be all I can do not to scream out "VAUGHN!!!" at him, like a girl.)

The G-CAPP premieres always sound like fun - particularly since Fonda get all the stars of the featured movie to Atlanta, but I've never been to one before. This year, though, I thought it might be cool to venture down by myself and check out how accessible the movie stars were and/or if it was any fun. There was a discount offer on tickets, so I was going to buy one. But I didn't do that.

I bought two, and my mom - with her "Barefoot in the Park" memories - is coming with me to the Fabulous Fox tomorrow night. (Yeah, I know it's dorky to call the Fox that, but whatever ...) I figured this was a better Mother's Day gift than the latest Mary Higgins Clark book, though I should probably buy her that, too.

The movie looks decently funny (even though my friend Edmondson and I have a rule that most movies starting with the letter "M" are bad). I hope "Monster-in-Law" marks Jennifer Lopez's return to actual acting (a la her brilliant turn in "Out of Sight") and not one where she works off her persona. (Even if the movie's terrible, though, going to the Fox with Mom is always fun.)

LATER: Marley just told me not to forget my PETA poster.

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