Monday, December 12, 2005

We're halfway there.

Tempted as I am to write something a little more meaningful here on the blog, I just don't know if I can muster it. I've been really tired lately, and most of my "deeper" thoughts haven't really featured some new, real insight.

*Lately, I've realized that I worry more about love and relationships than I do about anything else because worrying about love and relationships won't damage my credit report, break down my car or overdraw my bank account.

* I know that, even if every job feels the same and that I'm always going to want more, I should apply for other, better jobs anyway because it'll get me out of this seeming rut that I feel, but I just can't wrap my mind completely around it.

* I realize that one of the reasons I've been arguing with my friends more than ever lately is because, of all things, we literally have different ways of looking at the world and how/whether it provides for us. These arguments are unresolvable, but we have them anyway. After spending the evening with one such friend, I called him to tell him I arrived home safely, then said to his voicemail in the moment, "The only thing constant is change, and the only truth is that everyone lies." I repeated that to another friend of mine, who told me that he now understood why I didn't have a boyfriend.

* Roger, Shalewa and I went to Star Bar and MJQ this weekend, even though I had a sore throat. At Star Bar, a guy in a bright blue gorilla suit played a bass, and Shalewa and I went into the photo booth and cuddled. (I've got those photos somewhere ... ) At MJQ, I danced a little, even though common wisdom suggests I should not. When they played Bon Jovi's "Livin' On a Prayer," I waved my hands in the air and shouted along with the lyrics. God, that was fun.

* I'm puzzling over the identity story more and more. Does this mean I'll actually ever write it? I don't know.

* This book is good.

* This DVD set has such good dialogue that it affects how I've been speaking to people. Of course, I'm like that. If I watch a really great Merchant-Ivory film, I end up affecting a British accent for a week.

* I want to go home.

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