Monday, December 19, 2005

High risk behavior.

I went over to Kacoon's apartment Saturday to spend time with her while her husband Mike did Christmas shopping and she was alone with the kids. Of course, I was late getting there, so, by the time I arrived, Kacoon's mom and Mike were both at the apartment, too. I'd bought the wooden-box "nostalgia" board game RISK on my travels since I mentioned it to someone last week - and I got an extra 10 percent off my store discount until yesterday. I brought it in with me to see if Kacoon and I could figure out how to play it. Well, Mike had played the game before, and he wanted in. So did Kacoon's mom. So, even though I had somewhere I was supposed to be, we played RISK for ... six hours, like megageeks. It was so much more fun than expected. It felt kinda weird to be so entertained by a board game, but we were all fiercely competitive about it. When the game started, Kacoon's mom immediately came after me. But I held her off. Then, I took an early lead and called myself a "benevolent dictator." So, of course, everyone came after me until I was fighting a two-front war. After one of their dice-based battles, Kacoon yelled at her mom and called her a bitch. It was great. Mike, in the end, annihilated his mother-in-law's European stronghold to win, but I'm going back there for a rematch. I want to conquer the world. Everyone else on the board must die.

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