Tuesday, December 20, 2005

PRACTICE FLIRTING: A play in one scene.

NOTE: I wrote this to show examples of self-deprecating humor. Observe.

(MATT stands at bar. BENJIE approaches, using his walker.)

BENJIE: So, baby, what's your sign? You seem hot and groovy.
MATT: Excuse me?
BENJIE: I would ask you to dance, but I've not danced since the telethon.
MATT: Um, who are you?
BENJIE: My name's Benjie, like the dog from those '70s movies. Wanna pet my fur?
MATT: Ew, gross. Go away.
BENJIE: Whatever, baby. This is the ride of your life. And if you date
me, we get all the good parking.

(MATT leaves bar.)

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