Wednesday, December 21, 2005

90210: The Musical!

A couple years ago, my friend Jenipher and I wrote an unofficial musical version of BEVERLY HILLS, 90210. Today, I read an article that mentioned how THE O.C. is going to do a tribute to the "Donna Martin Graduates" protest episode of 90210, and I asked Jenipher to dig up the scene from our musical that also paid tribute.

Here it is.

From 90210: THE MUSICAL! by Jenipher Sohn and Riley McCarthy


Stomping, dramatic percussions...very "Les Miz" at attack time coupled with
"The Music Man."

[Scene: West Beverly on one side of the stage, a courtroom on the
other...the two sets will both participate in the song.]


(Hey everybody, let's get out of here! We're gonna fight for
(Let's go!)
(Come on! I love Donna!)
(She's got the coolest clothes!)


We live in America
The land of the free
If you want to drink and puke out your guts
That's ok with me!

The commies on the school board
Whose lives are full of hate
They told us to take tests today
Hell no! Donna Martin graduates!


Donna Martin graduates!
Because she's a friend to you and me!
Donna Martin graduates!
With the class of '93!

[Meanwhile, in the courtroom...]

SCHOOL BOARD OFFICIAL: (Donna, do you know why you're here?)

DONNA: (Yes, sir, I do.)

SCHOOL BOARD OFFICIAL: (Well, tell us why should be allowed to stay in


I'm just a simple girl
With expensive designer clothes
I have a learning disorder
And a large unattractive nose (but I'm getting a nose job!)

I went to prom and had champagne
I truly meant no offense
And now everybody's telling me
I can't graduate with my friends.

My mom is usually mean to me
And says sex really should wait
I've been so good and raised my grades
Why can't I graduate?


Listen school board official
Or you'll realize a horrible fate
Should Donna be punished for bad acting?
Hell no! Donna Martin graduates!


Donna Martin graduates!
That's the way it's going to be!
Donna Martin graduates!
From West Beverly!
With the class of '93!!!

SCHOOL BOARD OFFICIAL: (Well, Donna, you've convinced good, stay
off drugs, and graduate with your friends!)

[DONNA and BRANDON hug and skip off the stage.]

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