Friday, December 16, 2005

Things to do while you should be shopping for gifts.

- BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, the "gay cowboy" movie and the winner of several critics' awards, opens at the Landmark today, and you better believe that, after reading that Annie Proulx short story and talking about this movie for weeks, I will try my damnedest to see it this weekend. For those of you who missed my first 100 mentions of it or don't happen to know me personally, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN is about two cowboys who, while hired to watch a herd of sheep during the summer of 1968, find that they just can't keep their hands off each other. Though years pass and they both enter into marriages and go on with their lives, they never quite get over each other. Ang Lee directed the movie from a screenplay by Diana Ossana and LONESOME DOVE author Larry McMurtry. If you're gay, see it. If you're straight, see it. If you're a man, see it. If you're a woman, see it. From what I hear and expect, this movie is very special.
- The book we can't seem to keep in my store this holiday season is THE SILVER SPOON, a catch-all cookbook originally from Italy with 2,000 basic recipes. Reviews compare it to THE JOY OF COOKING, and I have a feeling that it's as good as that one, if not better. I want a copy, and I can't find the damn thing anywhere.

- My friend Lupo, who loves all things Diane Keaton, would consider me negligent if I didn't mention her new movie THE FAMILY STONE, which opens in theaters this weekend. From the previews, Sarah Jessica Parker looks like she had a lot of fun playing the uptight, bitchy girlfriend of Dermot Mulroney, who comes to meet his family one Christmas. Rachel McAdams, as well, looks like she's particularly good in this movie. One thing I can't figure out, though, is why the ads ignore Claire Danes, who you wouldn't know from the trailers is also in this movie.
- I'm trying to figure out what movies I have left to see before coming up with my Top Ten Films of 2005. I don't know how I got into the habit of doing the list each year, but it's a good, albeit entirely false, motivator to get me to all the serious movies before the year ends.
- I have done no Christmas shopping thus far. None. Well, I bought one thing, a gift for my dad. But I had it shipped to my house, and I've not seen it yet. So it feels like I've done none of my Christmas shopping. Everyone should expect gift cards from me this year. Working retail, my heart's just not in Christmas this year.
- I feel like I've been avoiding writing, too. I should write something soon, something fun. This week's been an odd mix of paranoia, bad memories, stress and work, and I want to be able to relax again soon. Someone suggested I return to therapy, but I miss my writing class. Sign up for it, if you want, at the website for the Margaret Mitchell House.
- This week, a couple friends of mine asked me if I knew that this blog was linked on ATLANTAboy - a blog dedicated to Atlanta gay tourism, culture and nightlife. The link's been there for months now, if not a full year, so I was surprised that it was mentioned to me twice by separate people. But, apparently, Jordan and Matt, the authors of the ATLANTAboy tourism guide, had a fantastic Christmas party at piebar this month, and that got everyone's attention.
- I'm tempted to rewatch A BRONX TALE, the Robert DeNiro movie based upon Chazz Palminteri's life story, because Lillo Brancato, the one-time child actor who played the lead in it, was just arrested and charged with an NYPD officer's murder - which is way worse than anything Dana Plato ever did. A BRONX TALE, from what I remember, is a pretty good movie. That movie taught me that, whenever someone giving you a ride lets you into their car first, it's good manners to unlock their door as they walk around to the driver's side.
- This week on NIP/TUCK's third season finale, the identity of The Carver, a serial rapist, a knife-wielding attacker and an occasional murderer, will finally, FINALLY be revealed to the audience. Viewers have been trying to figure out who the killer is for two seasons now. Because it's NIP/TUCK, a show that's completely outrageous on a regular basis, The Carver could be anyone - man or woman. I expect, when the two-hour episode ends on Tuesday night, that my jaw will be on the floor in disbelief. I have no guesses. None. I've dismissed all my previous theories, and I now admit that I have no idea what's going to happen. THIS WEEK'S QUESTION: What's been your favorite mystery? Was it a novel, a movie, a TV show or a real-life puzzler? Any lesser-known mysteries that you guys would recommend?

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