Friday, December 02, 2005

Things to do after a particularly tough week.

- This week at my office has been really stressful. I think I've screwed up my left knee. My car's having trouble, too. A bank error that the bank refused to acknowledge looked like it was going to screw me over. So it would be really, really nice for me to be able to do something relaxing this weekend. Maybe catch a couple new movies or something. Unfortunately, the only thing that opened wide this weekend is AEON FLUX, which I'm not exactly jazzed about seeing even though I like Charlize Theron and liked the original cartoon on MTV. In the cartoon, the title character died at the end of every episode. I wonder how many times they'll kill Charlize during the movie.

- I've tried over and over since college to read a book by Walker Percy, a National Book Award-winning author who came recommended by several members of my college literary society. I own three of his books, even: LOST IN THE COSMOS, THE LAST GENTLEMAN and, considered his masterpiece, THE MOVIEGOER. Still, I've never been able to read anything by him, other than his introduction to THE CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES. I've been tempted lately, upon reading other Southern writers, to give Percy another try.
- Of course, I could also look to the New York Times for recommendations. One of their "Best Fiction of 2005" is Mary Gaitskill's VERONICA, which sounds like it's twisted and fun. Also recommended was Zadie Smith's ON BEAUTY, which is Smith's modern take on HOWARDS END. (Of course, I should probably also read HOWARDS END, a book I already own.)

- Lupo e-mailed me this morning to agree that the new film version of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is one of the best movies of the year, for it's really enjoyable. Of course, Lupo admitted that he never saw the Colin Firth-Jennifer Ehle miniseries, which I also heartily recommend. It's romantic, it's funny and it's fun.
- I work a lot at the bookstore over the next couple weeks. But I have got to find time to clean my apartment. Seriously, it's past time.
- Last night on THE LATE SHOW, Oprah Winfrey granted her first interview to David Letterman in 16 years, declaring an official end to their unofficial feud. Dave, in turn, was respectful to the point of worship regarding Oprah, and he spoke to her about her humanitarian work and the positive effect she's had on mankind. The best moment, to me, came when Dave held Oprah's hand and walked her off his stage, down the street and to the opening night of her musical, THE COLOR PURPLE. It was a sweet LATE SHOW episode, though Dave seemed defanged. But the whole thing has me thinking about grudges and feuds, even moreso than before. This week's question: What's the longest time you've ever given someone the cold shoulder? Beyond that, what's the dumbest argument you've ever had?

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