Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Seth is my co-pilot.

This comes out on DVD next week, and I know my friend Jenipher CANNOT wait for it. She worships this show only slightly less than she worshipped 90210 when we were teens.

I'll probably get it, for I didn't watch all the episodes, though it is a good show and I'm just like that.

Besides, I love Seth. And I love how Seth is, like, completely in love with Ryan, but everybody acts like they're just friends and that they're not gay and that they're in love with Summer and Marissa. Yeah right. Seth was so hung up on Ryan that, when Ryan left the house in the season finale, he left the state on a boat without even giving Summer a second glance. When Seth cried, it was because he missed Ryan beating people up while wearing that wifebeater.

Seth loves Ryan. Ryan loves Seth. Marissa and Summer are just their beards.

I went to the store today and bought ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT's first season. I'm looking forward to it.

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