Monday, October 11, 2004

Lookin' for a soul to steal.

At lunch with my father today, he and I ended up in an in-depth analysis of a song that came over the speakers at our restaurant.

"I never understood why the Devil's fiddle solo had so little actual fiddle playing in it," I said. "I mean, it's like he's not even TRYING to beat Johnny and steal his soul."

"Yeah, I never understood that either," my father said, surprising me by actually having an opinion on the matter. "I mean, I would figure that the Devil's part would be WAY more complicated than Johnny's. The Devil just sounds like he can barely play. And Johnny's sounds like it'd be easy to play - of course I don't know anything about playing the fiddle."

And we analyzed it like that for several minutes.

Like why the Devil's fiddle playing actually sounds like an electric guitar and drums, too. And why Johnny's solo actually sounds like an elaboration on the chorus of the song.

"The Devil's part can't come off as more complicated," I told my father. "I don't think the Devil would be allowed to win."

"Why not?" my dad asked me. "Why doesn't the Devil 'git Johnny's so-o-oul'?"

Good question.

"I couldn't ever figure that out," my dad said. "I mean, why can't he play fiddle better since he's the Devil? To me, the song doesn't make any sense. But then, I always thought that it was because it was a song and not supposed to make any sense."

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