Friday, October 22, 2004

My "Grudge" against the Japanese.

OK, so the entire movie THE GRUDGE is annoyingly repetitive, unnerving and, by the end, actually quite scary.

My friend Ron and I were ready to leave it. I offered to go, but, by then, Ron and I were both kinda into the movie. But we were sitting in the center of the aisle because we didn't plan to be so rattled by it.

I recommend it, even though there were moments when I was shaking my hands at the screen in complete frustration.

Someone asked me what kind of scary it was, and I told them it was "Don't go upstairs. No, girl, don't go upstairs! Don't go up the damn stairs, girl!!!" scary.

Oh, and it kinda made me hate Japanese people and run from anyone Asian in the parking lot of the theater.

Kacoon, whom I called from my car completely freaked out, laughed and told Mike, who's half-Japanese, that "The Grudge" had turned me into a racist.

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