Monday, October 25, 2004

The man upstairs.

I met my new neighbor Chad from upstairs, and I'm fairly certain that he is in our 'inverted fraternity' since we met after I heard his very effeminate-sounding male "cousin" call him "Debbie Downer."

He probably thinks I'm a bit odd since I spoke to him for a moment, coming in from my car, and then I asked him where he was headed in from.

I suppose I should've asked him about OUT Magazine, since that seems to be the "Are you gay?" tongue-in-cheek question of the month.

My reporter friend Donnelly, in college, called gay people an 'inverted fraternity' when he would speak to me. I had the biggest crush on him, but everyone told me that he was straight.

Yet no one was surprised when he graduated, dumped his girlfriend and ran off to Mexico with some guy.

Or so the legend goes.

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