Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My memory of Coretta Scott King.

My mother just confirmed for me on the phone that I met Coretta Scott King when I was 5, and she attended a function on the lawn at the Atlanta Boy Choir House. I was the littlest kid in the group, and she went down the line of the group with an Italian dignitary, meeting all of us. When Mrs. King got to me, I remember that she said I was cute and kneeled down to talk to me. I had only a vague memory of that, for I thought she was royalty. I remember that I kept asking why they were calling her a "king."

Mom told me that I was wearing an Oxford shirt, a blue blazer and grey slacks when I met her. Mom said I looked adorable.

I remember that Mrs. King was really nice, that she smiled at me and crouched down to talk to me, I think.

Even though she was elderly and passed in her sleep, this morning's news made me sad.

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