Thursday, January 26, 2006

Apparently, Sesame Street runs through a trailer park.

Vic just sent me this e-mail:

I just wanted to share an inspirational story I
recently overheard about a new way to get children
excited about learning.

A woman was telling a co-worker about teaching her
young son the difference between up and down. The
child and his father were sitting at the table when
the father noticed a roach on the ceiling. Seizing the
opportunity for the educational advancement of his
child, the father pointed out the roach to the child
and explained that it was "up." The father then stood
up and knocked the roach to the floor, explaining to
the child that it was now "down."

See, learning doesn't just have to take place in
school. Opportunities are all around us. Just remember
to squash them when you're done.

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