Monday, September 12, 2005

An evening of the improv.

I got to work with my friend Shalewa three times this weekend. Shalewa and I, in my opinion, are pretty good together, and our customers are pleased by our assistance.

Plus, there are fun moments like when we ogled a cute guy named Jack by putting Rolling Stones tongue bookmarks over our mouths.

Or when we were both swatting a fly that zoomed around Shalewa's head on Saturday, and I said it probably looked, to passersby, like we were performing a scene out of WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT.

And immediately, Shalewa said, "But I don't want any cake, Ike!"

Shortly after that, this group of girls inquiring about the headsets in the music section asked us if they could scan the DVDs on the technology and watch previews or scenes from the selected movie.

Shalewa and I told them that scenes from the movies weren't available through the headsets. But then one of us, I forget which, said that we could re-enact a scene from any DVD they selected.

"Oh really," one of the customers said.

"Yeah," Shalewa said. "You just missed our rendition of WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT."

The customer was intrigued.

"What about ICE PRINCESS?" she asked.

I said I could do it, then grabbed a calculator and spoke in my best Michelle Trachtenberg voice, "Well, if my calculations are right, I could land that perfect triple-axle."

Then, I did my best figure-skating pose. I put my arms out to my side, stood on one leg, leaned back into the form and flashed my best smile.

The girls applauded, and Shalewa told them that we were the 'Barnes & Noble Players.'

Later, the girls asked us to do a scene from 50 FIRST DATES, and we obliged them.

Channeling Adam Sandler, I walked up to Shalewa and said, "Hi, do you remember me?"

"No," she replied in a deadpan voice.

And Shalewa and I took our bows.

After the girls left, for some reason, I was relating the completely absurd plot of ICE CASTLES to Shalewa, then I performed a scene from that movie.

The impression from ICE CASTLES looked a lot like my ICE PRINCESS impression, actually, except that I closed my eyes for the ICE CASTLES skit to impersonate the blind, ice-skating Lynn-Holly Johnson part.

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