Thursday, September 15, 2005

A bit of the ultraviolence.

I didn't see CORPSE BRIDE. I wasn't really in the mood since Syd and Abby couldn't come. And Stephen was hoping I'd "hold a seat" for him while he ate, which would've been fine if it weren't so crowded, so I called him and asked if it was OK if I got out of line. We ended up chatting and hanging out at my bookstore until the wee hours.

Jenipher got hung up with her visiting grandparents, and I unfortunately didn't get to see her. (Though I speak to her constantly, I haven't actually seen her since the week THE MATRIX RELOADED came out. But our friendship isn't based upon physical presence. I don't need her in front of me to feel her love. A lot of my friendships are like that, actually. Some of my best friends are people I never *see.*)

In the CORPSE BRIDE line, I was standing alone in a gigantic group of mostly college kids in goth makeup. The line was twisted around the inside of the building, feeding in a bit at a time. Some people were in costume. Or at least, I think they were supposed to be in costume. I mean, white shirts and black bowler hats, like A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. I hope that was intentional.

I used to think kids like that in college were precious, embracing Alex from A CLOCKWORK ORANGE or SCARFACE or characters from CASINO like they were merely misunderstood anti-establishment role models and not murderous, rapist criminal sociopaths.

In film class, I always thought guys who talked adoringly for over 10 minutes about Scorsese's "best use of violence" were a little creepy.

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