Monday, September 19, 2005

Emmy redux.

Did you watch the Emmys? During the announcement of nominees for "best writing for a variety program or talk show," I could swear that DA ALI G SHOW superimposed its writers' names over cumface shots from gay porn. Swear to God ... funniest thing EVER.

Did anybody else see this? I called EVERYBODY immediately after it, and no one was watching.

OK, Brad just e-mailed me to say he saw it. I didn't hallucinate.

Also good was S. Epatha Merkerson, who used her impromptu speech for LACKAWANNA BLUES to explain that the speech she'd written was originally in the bosom of her dress ... but that it fell down and she couldn't find it.

And I laughed out loud during William Shatner and soprano Frederica von Stade's re-enactment of the STAR TREK theme, which was so goofy and absurd that it was comic genius.

And, though I was rooting for Marcia Cross, I loved when Felicity Huffman won for DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, cried, berated herself for becoming "one of those actresses" who cries, then mentioned David Mamet, then mentioned SPORTS NIGHT (!!!!!!!!!!!!) and then mentioned that William H. Macy first kissed her in a cow pasture when she was chubby and 22.

Alas, poor Kristen Bell, who is absolutely genius on VERONICA MARS, was saddled with an '80s-style outfit and a dance number during her "Emmy Idol" performance of "Fame." The dancer almost dropped her, and, um, I think if you embarrass yourself during an awards show dance number, you don't ever get to win an award. It was like Rob Lowe and Snow White at the Oscars that time. Which sucks for her. Because I love Kristen Bell. VERONICA MARS is amazing, and this second season is going to rock. Watch VERONICA MARS!!!

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