Friday, February 24, 2006

Things to do when Paul Walker is without dogs.

- RUNNING SCARED, this week's new movie featuring the really pretty Paul Walker and his eight below, is about a gun-runner for the mob who loses a weapon over and over and then has to track it down to save his life. The reviews have been decent, and it sounds, honestly, like a lot of fun. Of course, when I first heard about it, I thought they were remaking RUNNING SCARED with Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines, and I wondered if they were going to bring back Michael McDonald's "Sweet Freedom" for the soundtrack. Thankfully, I was mistaken.

- After reading a couple stellar reviews and having about a dozen customers ask me for it before it was released stateside, I picked up Arctic Monkeys' debut album, WHATEVER PEOPLE SAY I AM, THAT'S WHAT I'M NOT, and it's big, loud and fun. It's not the sort of music I usually go for. (For instance, nobody in it sounds like they need Prozac.) But I ain't mad at it.
- Last night, I was so impressed with this website I found, I ordered a pizza just to be sure that I tipped someone properly. Fear not. I am not considering a career change.
- Tomorrow, the Phi Kappa Literary Society, the greatest student organization I found while at UGA, is holding its anniversary meeting, and I'm heading to Athens to attend it with an old essay in tow. If I can battle my way to the lectern, they'll let me read it. And they may be kind.

- This week, curious about what happened to the character Jake Gittes after CHINATOWN, I sat and watched the Jack Nicholson-directed sequel, THE TWO JAKES. Unfortunately, the sequel kinda annoyed me. I knew exactly what it was and exactly where it was going, the exact opposite of the great CHINATOWN. The Roman Polanski original from 1974 is one of the most twisted, fun, sick, bizarre, crazy, great movies I've ever seen. And if you've never seen CHINATOWN, then you really oughta treat yourself. As for THE TWO JAKES, well, it's no CHINATOWN.

- MADEA'S FAMILY REUNION hits theaters this weekend. Last I checked, I'm still white. Thus, Tyler Perry, I surrender this week's box office to you.

- AQUAMAN, our favorite gay superhero, is getting his own show in the fall. The creators of SMALLVILLE are behind the show, and they've decided that the new man in tights will be former PASSIONS star Justin Hartley. Thank you, creators of SMALLVILLE. Get him as wet as possible.
- Emily Giffin's new novel, BABY PROOF, is available for pre-order, and she's a friend of mine. Buy it.
- The Center for Puppetry Arts still rocks. Visit their website. Go build a puppet in a workshop.
- Finally, in the spirit of Bart Simpson, the governor of California, Steve Urkel and Cartman, I've decided that I need my own catchphrase. You know, I need my own "Whatchutalkin'bout, Willis?" Or an "Hasta la vista, baby!" THIS WEEK'S QUESTION: You've come a long way, baby. You deserve your own catchphrase. So what are you gonna do? Do you feel lucky, punk? What's your own, personal catchphrase?

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