Monday, February 27, 2006

Found some stuff.

Found an old disk buried in a desk drawer. It has some decently fun, old stuff on it.

The above photo is Kacoon's son Midget, taken at Chuck E. Cheese on his third birthday. Now, he's 6.

This is a very small version of a photo I took during my photojournalism class in 1997, which I called 'Matt with Hat and Book' because the guy's name is Matt, he's wearing a hat and holding a book. At the time, I considered it my best photo. Since then, I feel like I've taken better ones. I just really liked the shadow across his face and the pants in the store window behind him.

Finally, this is a cropped photo of me from 1999, when I worked for the newspaper in Augusta. It was taken of me at a picnic, I think, of this "Red Hat"-style women's group from one of the churches there. All the women at that picnic were really sweet, plying me and my photographer - who took the shot of me - with lots of dessert. If I had the uncropped version of this photo, you'd see one of the nice ladies standing next to me in a 1920s-era bathing suit, and this story would make more sense. But the photo triggered the memory, so I figured I would write it down.

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