Thursday, February 23, 2006


Last night at the bookstore, I read a memo from corporate that said some of the DVDs of RENT, released Tuesday, were defective. Apparently, the flaw is that some of the copies have two of the "bonus disc" DVDs, instead of the movie and one "bonus disc."

The memo inspired me to grab a Post-It and write addenda to the list of "defective RENT" qualifications.

* In some cases, customers complained that the movie they received instead of RENT was actually good.
* In some defective copies, Rosario Dawson's vocals may be dubbed by Marni Nixon.
* Defective copies of RENT instead promote rampant heterosexuality.
* WARNING: Some discs may contain HIV.
* Cast "duet" with Il Divo not included.
* Defective DVDs may qualify for RENT payback.

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