Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Scarlett's hotter.

Oh yeah, as if gay ol' Tom Ford would be into them.

OK, now I read this on IMDB, and the whole thing strikes me as just dumb.

Actress Rachel McAdams lost her nerve when she turned up to pose naked for a new Vanity Fair photo spread - and it cost her a spot on the cover of the provocative new Hollywood issue. The Notebook star was invited to pose with British beauty Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson by the issue's artistic director, designer Tom Ford, but pulled out at the last minute. Ford explains, "She felt that she'd be fine with it and then she got there and she realized that she really wasn't, and that was fine... She just asked if she could be excluded from the cover." Ford himself replaced McAdams for the Annie Leibovitz cover shoot - and posed with naked Knightley and Johansson, who were also nervous about baring all to the world. He adds, "I said to them, 'When you're 70 you're gonna look back and say, 'Thank God for this picture - look how amazing I was.'"

I mean, I don't care that Rachel McAdams didn't want to go naked, though I imagine others would've preferred it. What bugs me is that Tom Ford inserted himself into the photo, then garnered the name in the headline and was "artistic director" for the issue. I know it's VANITY FAIR, but Tom Ford is apparently all vanity.

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