Friday, August 12, 2005

Thus far ...

I watched the first half of THE BEST OF YOUTH last night, and I highly, highly recommend that you catch all of it when you can wherever you can. Part One plays at the Landmark this weekend only.

The film follows the very different paths of two brothers in Italy from 1968, when a tragic event separates them, to 2000. And, as a viewer, you get to know them, their family and all of their friends and lovers as they deal with tragedy upon tragedy. It's always compelling. The movie feels very intimate, and you care about these characters. As they grow older, their nation goes through its own changes.

From what I hear, Part Two is even better than Part One, more plot-driven and more devastating. I intend to see it sometime this week.

THE BEST OF YOUTH is six well-spent hours at the theater.

Still need convincing? Read reviews here and here.

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