Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Just so long as it's black-and-white.

Seeing the title of this movie of two 11-year-olds in love called LITTLE MANHATTAN, I was kinda hoping that it was like a BUGSY MALONE take on the Woody Allen movie, which is my favorite. Apparently, though, it's an original script.

You know, I think they could just redo MANHATTAN but with a cast of preteens. Think of it ...

Isaac, with Freddie Highmore from CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY taking over for Woody Allen, could be coping with his divorce from his second ex-wife Jill, who left him for a woman. (I think Dakota Fanning would be great in the Meryl Streep part.) Isaac could start dating the much-younger Tracy (who was a 17-year-old played by Mariel Hemingway in the original, but here should be played by a newborn), but he could be intrigued by the caustic, bitter, chain-smoking divorcee Mary (AnnaSophia Robb), who's more his age. Mary, though, is having an extramarital affair with Isaac's best friend.

Instead of going to MoMA benefits and all, they could hang out at the playground. The scene at the planetarium could occur over a supervised school field trip. Jill's lesbian tell-all could be an article in the school newspaper, rather than a book that serves as an "honest account of their marriage." Maybe Isaac could run down Jill's lover with a Big Wheel.

I think it'll work. LITTLE MANHATTAN, a Woody Allen film.

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