Tuesday, July 12, 2005

This is cute. Consider yourself warned.

Occasionally, Dena and Jenipher like to test me. You see, they're both dog-lovers - and not just ordinary dog-lovers. They're both of the "Treat my dog like it's my child" school of dog ownership freakishness.

This means, on occasion, they'll send me photos like this one, featuring Dena's sweet, furry, whiskered, precious, lovable dog Wally wearing reindeer antlers. (He's the non-poodle.)

Or this one, featuring Jenipher's beloved Archie in a Buckeyes jersey.

They send me these photos in the hope that they will inspire in me, I guess, a sort of "Aww, that's so pwecious" form of dog appreciation. Instead, as they've found, my reaction is usually something along the lines of ... "If you collapsed in your kitchen and died, your dog would be perfectly justified in eating your face off." Or something more succinct like ... "Die."

Dena often accuses me of being nicer to other people's dogs than I am to hers or Jenipher's. (And I hope this post clarifies that I prefer no dogs over the delicious, furry, intelligent, pretty mini-mutts called Wally and Archie.)

Once I wrote a post praising Lupo's dog, Mr. Jones, on the site, and Dena accused me of unfair favortism. I told her that Lupo knew better than to put Jonesy in a sweater, snap a photo of him with Santa and send it to me as a Christmas card.

Dena's defense is usually that furry, woofy, sweet, wittle baby Wally's photos with Santa (who usually looks annoyed when he's holding him, frankly) are really, really cute. I suppose they are, if you're one of the sickos into that kind of thing.

If I've gone too far or said too much, forgive me, but dressing dogs like people is just wrong.

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