Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Inappropriate dress and casual attire.

Jenipher had her review at work today, and, for some reason, they talked to her about the way she dressed, everything from her "revealing" tops to the fact that she wore white shoes before Memorial Day.

They did not, however, mention the way that she dresses her damn dog, the thing I commented on yesterday.

Here's another photo, for instance, of her dog Archie in that Buckeyes jersey. (This is the one that Jenipher says is cuter.)

Dena, in the meantime, told me that she would've preferred me showing a regular photo of her dog Wally to show that he's capable of "just being handsome."

I think, if I wasn't already gay, that women who dote over dogs would've turned me off toward their whole sex.

Anyway, in regard to Jenipher's attire, I told her that she might find another job somewhere. I suggested she might enjoy something where she gets to pose on the hood of a hotrod.

OK, seriously, I put Jenipher in touch with someone who works in HR because I think her boss is confusing "inappropriate dress" with a matter of taste. You can go to Jenipher's website and see what sort of clothes she usually wears. It's not like she's on the cover of MAXIM or anything.

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