Monday, July 11, 2005

Dennis the non-menace.

Glad to know Doug and Black and every other person with the misfortune to live in Birmingham survived the hurricane.

Here we've just gotten a lot of thunderstorms.

One of my customers at the bookstore this weekend told me that God's mercy has spared Atlanta from horrible, disastrous storms, and I had to argue with him that I don't think God's particularly angry at areas that get the storms. (I didn't mention the fact that our city is, you know, landlocked.)

He asked me if I believed in Jesus Christ. I said, "Sometimes."

And he got all shocked, "SOMETIMES?!!!" (For some reason there didn't seem like a way to answer the question that wouldn't shock him, since he's the one who thinks God's giving Atlanta some powerful shield against storms and misfortune.)

I said, "I'm not the person to talk to about it."

Then, luckily, he left my section.

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