Saturday, October 08, 2005

Savannah country day.

So I'm blogging now from Lupo's. I think he's in the other room shaving. I hugged him a few minutes ago, completely random. It's nice to be here, though I'd forgotten how self-conscious I can get while visiting people.

Last night, just after meeting Lupo's boyfriend Kenn for the second time in my life, I started this odd, out-of-nowhere non-sequitir anecdote. And, in the middle of it, Kenn offered me cider, and I stopped before answering Kenn to end the anecdote, "And, Lupo ... I kissed him. I kinda made out with him."

Everyone was silent, until Kenn finished and said, "That's fine. So do you want some cider?"

Ack. I think things have settled down. I'm a little less awkward. Kenn beat Lupo and me at Trivial Pursuit last night, which means that the long-standing Trivial Pursuit challenge between Lupo and I remains unresolved. During last night's game, Lupo and I both emerged as losers.

The dog Jonesy is cool. He finds me less-than-approachable, but he's warming. He's gotten to the point where he'll put his head near me, expecting me to scratch under his neck. If I move my hand, he calmly backs away from it. I think he's feeling the way I did when I got here, unsure of how to act.

Lupo and I are going for a tour of the city in a few minutes, so that should make for some good, sarcastic fun. Tonight's Ben Folds. Kenn's going shopping for a gun for an art project this afternoon, so we're going to see the ocean and River Street without him. If Lupo shows me the bench from FORREST GUMP today, we may both pretend to urinate on it.

This is random. I need more Diet Cheerwine so that I can wake up.

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